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LURPE Natural Solutions


Earth Vibes Super Soil

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Earth Vibes Super Soil from Lurpe Natural Solutions: Revolutionizing Growth with Premium Ingredients.

Transform your crops with Earth Vibes Super Soil from Lurpe Natural Solutions, the ultimate choice for those seeking exceptionally rich and vibrant soil. Our exclusive blend combines the best natural ingredients, selected for their superior quality and unparalleled benefits for the soil. Earth Vibes guarantees a sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation approach.

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Unmatched Benefits for Plants and Planet:

With Earth Vibes Super Soil, you’ll experience a notable improvement in the growth and health of your plants, while also supporting the well-being of the planet. This innovative solution from Lurpe Natural Solutions is essential for any gardener or farmer who wants to enhance their crops naturally, effectively, and sustainably.



Biochar, Bone Meal, Dolomite, Alfalfa, Nettle, Horsetail enrich this formula along with Azomite®, Kelp, Diatomaceous Earth, Bio Sugar, Yeast, Humic and Fulvic Acids.
Each component is selected for its ability to nourish and revitalize your soil.

  • Includes a vial with specific microorganisms to strengthen the roots and improve nutrient


*Todos los ingredientes de Earth Vibes Super Soil están permitidos para su uso en agricultura ecológica, afirmando nuestro compromiso con prácticas agrícolas sostenibles.



For Pots:

10 g per liter of potting soil.

For Soils:

2100 g per square meter for soils, ensuring optimal development in any




Mode of Use

Enrich your substrate with 10-20% of humus, compost, or our Insect Frass and add Earth Vibes
Super Soil for a homogeneous mixture.
During transplanting, use the vial with Beneficial Microorganisms directly in contact with the
roots, promoting healthy growth from the start.



Store in a cool and dry place.
Optimal conservation 5-25 oC.
Avoid prolonged exposure to more than 35 oC.
The viability of microorganisms begins to decrease after 18 months from the batch date
indicated on the packaging, although the product maintains a general shelf life of 5 years.



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