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Farmer Mix

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Farmer Mix from Lurpe Natural Solutions: The Choice of Professionals for Sustainable and Efficient Cultivation in Living Soils.

Discover Farmer Mix from Lurpe Natural Solutions, the ultimate solution for cultivating in living soil with maximum comfort and simplicity. Designed to maximize yield and organoleptic properties of your crops, Farmer Mix integrates beneficial microorganisms and a rich source of slow-decomposing micro and macronutrients, allowing you to complete a 14-week cultivation cycle without the need for additional fertilization.

Complete Cycle without Fertilizing: With Farmer Mix, enjoy a complete 14-week cultivation cycle without the need to add fertilizers, optimizing nutrition and health of your plants naturally.

Reuse and Sustainability: At the end of the cycle, the substrate can be recycled and reused, offering not only significant economic savings but also a drastic reduction in waste production.



Perfect for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse applications, and compatible with both pots and direct soil cultivation.

Powerful Amendment: A single 20 kg bag can amend between 1800 and 2200 liters of substrate, providing a concentrated and effective solution for any scale of cultivation.

Transform Your Cultivation Approach with Farmer Mix: With Farmer Mix from Lurpe Natural Solutions, prepare to elevate your cultivation practices to a new level of efficiency and sustainability. This product not only facilitates more organic and less intensive agricultural management but also allows you to reap the benefits of a living and full soil, rich in nutrients and microbial life. Join the green revolution and experience the benefits of healthier and more productive cultivation with Farmer Mix.



Includes Bat Guano, Bone Meal, Kelp, Azomite®, Organic Alfalfa, Insect Frass, Blood Meal, Dolomite, Langbeinite, and Humic and Fulvic Acids, enriched with a complex mix of beneficial Rhizobacteria and Trichoderma.




Use and Application

Easy Integration:

Add 10-20% of Insect Frass/Humus/Compost and 9-11 g/l of Farmer Mix to your substrate for watering only with water, ideal for drip irrigation systems without worrying about blockages.

Important Tip:

To preserve the life and activity of the microorganisms, use chlorine-free water in your irrigation.





Store in a cool and dry place.
Optimal conservation 5-25 oC.
Avoid prolonged exposure to more than 35 oC.

The viability of microorganisms begins to decrease after 18 months from the batch date indicated on the packaging, although the product maintains a general shelf life of 5 years.





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