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Hydrolyzed Kelp

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Hydrolyzed Kelp from Lurpe Natural Solutions: Advanced Marine Nutrition for Your Plants

Boost your plants’ production and health with Lurpe Natural Solutions’ Hydrolyzed Kelp, a revolutionary product made in Norway from the highest quality Ascophyllum nodosum. This premium extract, obtained from algae harvested in the clean, cold waters of the Arctic, is quickly processed to preserve and concentrate its valuable stimulant properties, offering a potent and natural supplement for your plants.

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Ideal Supplement for Flowering in Living Soils:

Hydrolyzed Kelp is rich in natural plant hormones, minerals, and amino acids that stimulate growth, improve flowering and fruiting, and increase plant stress resistance. Regular use contributes to more vigorous and healthy development, promoting an optimal growth environment both indoors and outdoors.
Its high potassium content makes it an effective aid for the fattening of flowers and fruits.

Complement to Mineral Fertilization:

Hydrolyzed Kelp ideally integrates into cultivation programs with mineral fertilization, thanks to its ability to stimulate flowering and provide potassium. In fact, it is the raw material from which most liquid flowering stimulators are made.

Commitment to Sustainability and Effectiveness:

Lurpe Natural Solutions is committed to providing sustainable and effective products. Our Hydrolyzed Kelp not only improves the natural health of your plants but also respects the environment, reflecting our commitment to responsible and ecological cultivation practices.

Transform Your Cultivation with Hydrolyzed Kelp:

Incorporate Hydrolyzed Kelp into your plant care program and experience a noticeable improvement in flowering, health, and productivity of your crops. This advanced supplement is essential for any gardening enthusiast or professional looking to maximize the potential of their plants naturally and sustainably.


Nutritive Composition

Hydrolyzed Kelp is a strong concentrate of vitamins, iron, iodine, trace elements, and growth-
regulating phytohormones. It contains 21% Potassium.

Processed from Premium Quality Ascophyllum nodosum: Selected for its rich composition in biostimulants.

Processed in Norway: Harvested in Arctic waters to ensure maximum purity and potency.
Processed using advanced extraction technology that concentrates essential nutrients, ensuring a product of rapid absorption and superior effectiveness.


Dosage and Applications

Spray Application:

Use between 0.25 and 0.5 g per liter of water up to once a week.

Irrigation Application:

Add 0.2 to 0.3 g per liter of water up to once a week.



Keep Hydrolyzed Kelp in a cool, dry place to preserve its potency and effectiveness.




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