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LURPE Natural Solutions


Insect Frass 12kg

34,40  IVA incluido

Insect Frass from Lurpe Natural Solutions: Revolutionary Natural Supplement for Healthy Growth

Insect Frass from Lurpe Natural Solutions emerges as an alternative to humus and compost, offering a sustainable and highly effective solution for soil enrichment. This innovative product, derived from the manure and exoskeletons of black soldier fly larvae, is loaded with chitin and features a balanced nutrient composition, making it a valuable organic matter for any cultivation practice.




Transform Your Garden with Insect Frass:

Incorporating Insect Frass from Lurpe Natural Solutions into your growing medium means choosing a path toward a healthier, more resilient, and productive garden. This supplement is not only a rich source of essential nutrients but also plays a crucial role in strengthening plants against external stress factors. Ideal for organic gardeners and growers looking to maximize their plants’ potential naturally and sustainably.


Nutritive Composition

Ideal Nutritional Balance:

With an NPK formula of 3-2-2, it provides balanced nutrition, promoting healthy growth, abundant flowering, and vigorous fruiting.

Rich in Chitin:

Enhances the natural defenses of plants against pests and diseases.

Application Versatility:

Perfect for use as a replacement for humus in Super Soil mixes, as an addition in Compost Teas, or as a Top Dress to correct nitrogen deficiencies.


Dosage and Applications

For Substrates:

Use 50 to 200 ml per liter of substrate.

For Gardens:

Apply 2 to 4 kg per square meter.

In Compost Teas:

Add 15 to 20 ml per liter of water.



Keep Insect Frass in a cool, dry place to preserve its potency and effectiveness.
Occasionally, depending on the moisture at the time of packaging, a white fungus may grow.
Don’t worry! It’s a fungus that has already started its work.




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