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Micronized Volcanic Ash

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Micronized Volcanic Ash from Lurpe Natural Solutions: Natural Mineral Enrichment for Your Crops

Enhance the quality of your crops with Micronized Volcanic Ash from Lurpe Natural Solutions, extracted directly from volcanic deposits in Utah, USA. This exceptional product, made 100% from Azomite®, stands as a testament to purity and effectiveness, designed to integrate perfectly into both Super Soil mixes and Compost Teas.

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Unmatched Benefits for Plant Growth and Health:

Specifically indicated for soil remineralization and as a source of rapidly available silicon. Incorporating our Micronized Volcanic Ash into your cultivation regimen guarantees a significant improvement in plant nutrition, strengthening their development, disease resistance, and environmental stress resilience. Its unique composition promotes a healthy soil biodiversity, vital for a sustainable and productive cultivation ecosystem.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation:

At Lurpe Natural Solutions, we are dedicated to providing products that not only enhance the productivity of your crops but also support sustainable agriculture practices. Our Micronized Volcanic Ash reflects this commitment, offering an ecological and effective solution for advanced crop care.

Transform Your Cultivation with Micronized Volcanic Ash:

Incorporate Micronized Volcanic Ash from Lurpe Natural Solutions into your cultivation strategy and watch your plants reach new levels of vitality and production. This natural supplement is essential for any gardener or farmer looking to maximize the potential and health of their crops naturally and sustainably.



Nutritive Composition

Originating from Utah, USA, our micronized volcanic ash, selected from rich volcanic deposits, is synonymous with quality and potency. With 100% Azomite®, this product is highly recognized for its exceptional richness in silicon and a diversity of over 70 essential minerals, providing a concentrated nutrient source for optimal plant development. This complete mineral profile ensures healthy and robust growth across a wide variety of agricultural environments.



Dosage and Applications

For Pots:

Use 0.5 to 2 g per liter of substrate.

For Gardens:

Apply 75 to 200 g per square meter.

In Compost Teas:

Add 1 to 2 g per liter of water.



Keep Micronized Volcanic Ash in a cool, dry place to preserve its potency and effectiveness.




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