Sanlight EVO 3-100 190W


Highly efficient led grow light system for indoor growing.

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For the classic “square meter” we have developed the EVO 3-100 for you. With two EVO 3-100 you achieve high light intensities with best homogeneity at the same time. 190W per individual luminaire ensure low power consumption. The 520µmol/s of one lamp add up to more than 1000µmol/s with two lamps, so high illumination values for a lush bloom can be achieved. The possibility to change the angle of the luminaires enables you to direct the light to where it belongs: to your planting area. The high quality secondary optics allow for easy cleaning of your luminaire and ensure even light distribution on your planting area.


  • Designed for areas with a depth of 100cm or with two luminaires for one square meter
  • Very high light intensities when using two lights, ~1,000µmol/s/m² without additional CO₂
  • 190W per luminaire saves electricity
  • Tilting allows light to be directed specifically to the planting area
  • Secondary optics allow easy cleaning and uniform illumination
  • Available dimmer allows adjustment of lighting intensity to different growth stages
  • Due to a wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included

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Weight 5000 g
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