Smart Pot high quality polypropylene geotextile gardening container. These fibers are resistant to the biological degradation of environments normally found on the ground.
Advantages: Designed to promote aeration of the root zone. When the roots reach the wall of the pot, the air takes care of pruning them. Prevents circular root growth.
Create an air barrier to isolate the root during the cold season. This same barrier prevents overheating of the root zone during hot months. Easy and economic to transport. They are conveniently folded to take up minimal space.

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3,8 LITROS (1 GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø17,78×15,24

7,6 LITROS (2GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø20,32×17,78

11,6 LITROS (3GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø25,40×19

15,1 LITROS (4GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø30,50×19

19,3 LITROS (5GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø30,50×24

26 LITROS (7GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø35,56×24,13

41 LITROS (10GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø40,64×29,21

57 LITROS (15GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø45,72×34,29

75 LITROS (20GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø50,80×39,37

93 LITROS (25 GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø53,34×39,37

122 LITROS (30GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø61×39,60

237 LITROS (65 GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø81,28×45,72

371 LITROS (100 GAL) Dimensions (cm): ø96,52×50,8

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1 GAL / 3,8 LITROS, 100 GAL / 371 LITROS, 10GAL / 41 LITROS, 15GAL / 57 LITROS, 20GAL / 75 LITROS, 25 GAL / 93 LITROS, 2GAL / 7,6 LITROS, 30GAL / 122 LITROS, 3GAL / 11,6 LITROS, 4GAL / 15,1 LITROS, 5GAL / 19,3 LITROS, 65 GAL / 237 LITROS, 7GAL / 26 LITROS

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