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Tasty Flowers Top Dress

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Advanced Nutrition for Exuberant Flowering Take the splendor and productivity of your garden to the next level with Tasty Flowers Top Dress, created by Lurpe Natural Solutions. This premium mix is specifically designed to stimulate flowering and fruiting in living soils and cultivation systems like No Till, using only the best ingredients certified for organic agriculture.

Its balanced formula not only enriches the soil but also promotes a healthy underground ecosystem, essential for optimal plant development.

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Choose Tasty Flowers Top Dress for exuberant flowers.

With Tasty Flowers Top Dress from Lurpe Natural Solutions, your garden will transform, revealing more exuberant flowers and tastier fruits. This product represents the perfect union between science and nature, offering a natural and effective solution for those committed to sustainable and responsible cultivation practices. Make every flower count and every fruit shine with this innovative top dress.



Bone Meal, Kelp, Organic Alfalfa, Insect Frass, Langbeinite, Blood Meal, and Azomite®, each
element contributes to exuberant flowering.


  • Bacillus subtilis: 3.600.000 ufc/g
  • Bacillus megaterium: 2.800.000 ufc/g
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: 2.800.000 ufc/g
  • Bacillus methylotrophicus: 2.800.000 ufc/g
  • Wickerhamomyces anomalus: 2.800.000 ufc/g
  • Paenibacillus durus: 2.800.000 ufc/g

These carefully selected rhizobacteria play a crucial role in stimulating flowering and fruiting, improving nutrient availability, and increasing plant resistance to adverse conditions.




For Pots:

Use 4 to 6 g per liter of substrate.

For Soils:

Apply 450 to 600 g per m2.


Mode of Use

Sprinkle over the substrate and mix well with the top 2-5 cm.
For the best benefits, apply at the beginning of flowering, ensuring the product comes into direct contact with the roots. Additionally, for long-flowering varieties, consider a second application of 1-2 g per liter of pot in week 4 to maximize results.
Consult the FAQ for more information.




Store in a cool and dry place.
Optimal conservation 5-25 oC.
Avoid prolonged exposure to more than 35 oC.
The viability of microorganisms begins to decrease after 18 months from the batch date indicated on the packaging, although the product maintains a general shelf life of 5 years.




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