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Nutrition and Natural Protection for Your Crops

What is Compost Tea?

Compost tea is a living organic fertilizer, an ideal complement for any type of cultivation.


Compost tea is a living organic fertilizer, an ideal complement for any type of cultivation. This potent broth is loaded with bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes, which not only balance the nutrition of the plants but also protect them from diseases.

Ideal as a complement to regular watering, Compost Tea is applied every 7 to 10 days, flooding your garden with vital nutrients and biostimulants, while fostering a robust soil ecosystem.

In foliar application, tea covers the surface of the leaves with microbes that protect from pathogens.

Compost tea is a simple technique for achieving a living, healthy garden, largely free from disease pressure.

Contribution of Biostimulants

Enriquece tu cultivo con una abundante fuente de bioestimulantes y microorganismos beneficiosos.

Enhances Aromas and Flavors

Reduces the negative effects associated with the use of artificial fertilizers.

Health of the Crops

Corrects nutritional deficiencies and strengthens your crop ́s' resistance against pathogens.

Optimization of Performance

Increases the productivity of your cultivation system.

Savings in resources

Make the most of resources by multiplying the microbiology before its application.

Living Soils

Continuously improve the quality of your substrate.

Bio-stimulation for Our Soils

¿How to Prepare Compost Tea?

Create your own Compost Tea with our step-by-step guide

Compost Tea can be made in various ways, with many different ingredients. Each of these ingredients, organic or mineral, contribute unique properties to the final broth.

Necessary Materials:

Non-chlorinated water:

   Temperature 10ºC15ºC20ºC 25ºC
  Oxygenation time   48 h 36 h 24 h 12 h

Preparation and Application:


Optimal Mixes for All Cultivators

We Make Your Experience Easier with Pre-designed Mixes made with the best quality ingredients

Discover at Lurpe Natural Solutions a variety of pre-designed Compost Tea mixes for both the vegetative and flowering phase, ideal for any cultivator.
Our goal is to maximize your results, saving you time and money on each harvest.
Explore our options and enhance your production efficiently.

We are Farmers!


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