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Growth Phase:

> Use a light substrate with 10-20 % Insect Frass/Worm Castings or quality Compost, depending on the Nitrogen needs of each case (variety, pot size, etc).

> Add 10 g of Earth Vibes Super Soil per liter of substrate. (including Insect Frass/Worm Castings or Compost).

> Distribute the contents of the test tube included in the Earth Vibes Super Soil into the transplanting holes, in contact with the roots or mix it in the first watering.

Flowering phase:

> 4 g of Tasty Flowers Top Dress per liter of substrate. Mix with the top layer of the substrate.

> A second application of up to 2 g of Tasty Flowers Top Dress per liter of substrate can be made in the 3rd or 4th week. Depending on the needs of each case (variety, pot size, etc.)

Compost Tea:

> You can water with a Compost Tea using Green Sunrise 7 days after transplanting and then every 7-10 days in the growth phase.With Healthy Harvest every 7-10 days in the flowering phase.

> Using Earth Vibes Super Soil and Tasty Flowers Top Dress does not require the use of Compost Teas, but they stimulate and provide a large amount of bacteria, which help to make nutrients become available, among other things.

> One Compost Tea during the growth phase and two or three during the flowering phase can be enough.

Hydrolyzed Kelp:

> Hydrolyzed Kelp elps to overcome periods of stress (cold, heat, drought, etc.) Stimulates flowering and secondary metabolism. Provides Potassium which helps the ripening of flowers.

> It can be sprayed during the growth phase and up to week 2 of flowering and in irrigation or Compost Tea during the final phase of flowering (4th-7th week) every 7-10 days.

Substrate reuse:

> Remove largest roots debris. Check if compaction is visible in the substrate. If so, it is recommended to add some coco, perlite or new substrate.

> Follow the same instructions as for the first crop, but reduce the dosage of Insect Frass/ Worm Casting or Compost, Earth Vibes Super Soil and Tasty Flowers Top Dress by 10-30% (depending on the soil, pot size, variety, cycle time, etc.)

For pots of less than 20 liters it is advisable to do this by emptying several pots at a time.

> Avoid reusing the substrate if there have been problems with soil fungus or serious pests.

“Always use non-chlorinated water to avoid the degradation of the soil life.We can fill the tank after watering, let the water stand for 24 hours or use an air pump to oxygenate the water and dechlorinate it in 2 hours (approx.)”

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