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Introduction to the Concept of Super Soil

What is Super Soil?

Super Soil is an amendment of different natural organo-mineral elements, designed to supply
all the necessary nutrients and biostimulants throughout the complete cultivation cycle.

This mixture of natural ingredients, which can be enriched with a selection of beneficial microorganisms, establishes a balanced trophic chain covering bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes, offering comprehensive and natural care for plants. Suitable for use both in containers and applied directly to the ground, and particularly effective in no-till cultivation practices, it presents as a preferred option for sustainable agriculture.

Just Water

Optimizes the watering process using exclusively water.

Authentic Aromas and Flavors

Rediscover the genuine aromas and flavors that each variety offers.

Crop Health

Without deficiencies or excesses, stability in crops from beginning to end.

Optimization of Performance

Optimal results without compromising the quality of the crops.

Savings in resources

Crops in living soils will save you time and materials.

Living Soils

Improve your substrate cycle after cycle.


Nature provides us the nutrients

Key Components for an Effective Super Soil

Recommendations to Maximize the Benefits of Super Soil

The development of high-quality Super Soil involves a meticulous selection of components that positively contribute to the soil structure, add organic matter, minerals, and stimulate rich microbial activity. The foundations for a successful mixture include:

Soil/ Substrate Structure

A mixture that favors adequate aeration and water retention is prioritized.

Organic Matter

A significant percentage of the mixture must consist of first-quality worm humus, compost, or Insect Frass.

Diversity of Ingredients

A balanced combination of raw materials of plant, mineral, and animal origin is employed.

Microbial Enrichment

Emphasizing the enrichment of the soil with a diversity of beneficial microorganisms.

Water with non-chlorinated water

Chlorine destroys soil life.

Reuse the substrate

Reduce expenses for you and the environment.

Use quality ingredients

Optimal results with the best raw materials.


Optimal Mixes for All Cultivators

We Make Your Super Soil Experience Easier with Pre-designed Mixes made with the best quality ingredients

Discover at Lurpe Natural Solutions a variety of pre-designed Super Soil ideal for any grower. Our goal is to maximize your results, saving you time and money on each harvest.
Explore our options and enhance your production efficiently.

We are Farmers!


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