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In cultivation with LED lamps, compared to traditional lamps, there are two main differences to

• Heat Emission: LEDs emit much less heat.

• Nutrient Demand: LEDs increase photosynthesis, which in turn increases nutrient demand,
especially for Calcium and Magnesium.

In cultivation with liquid fertilizers, the high nutrient demand is controlled by increasing the
concentration (EC), especially of Calcium and Magnesium.

In Living Soil cultivation, we can increase the dose of Super Soil in the soil or make Top Dress
to add more nutrients. We can also make Compost Teas regularly to increase the
decomposition rate of the ingredients and make more nutrients available.

But the main tool we have to increase nutrient absorption in this type of cultivation is
Temperature. Often, especially with mixes from Lurpe Natural Solutions, it’s not a matter of not
having enough nutrients available for the plants, but that the plant is not able to absorb enough

It’s important to understand how temperature affects nutrient absorption by the plant,
especially when using LED lights as a lighting source. The higher the temperature, the more
the plant transpires, and the more it transpires, the more it increases the flow of water and
nutrients it absorbs from the soil.

For this reason, temperature plays a crucial role in the success of Living Soil crops with LED
lamps. Maintaining an adequate temperature is key to ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and
successful plant growth.

We recommend that the ENTIRE* cultivation room has a temperature of 25-27 oC during the
lighting period. Lowering the temperature at the end of the cycle if what you are looking for is to
maximize the terpenes and resin production.

*Often, especially in cold climates, with LEDs we don’t manage to get the whole cultivation
room to the desired temperature. Many times the upper part of the plant is heated, but the
lower parts and the substrate are not. We recommend adding heating or reducing extraction if
necessary to achieve the correct temperature throughout the cultivation room.

Share your experience

LED technology significantly reduces energy expenditure, which translates into many benefits,
both for the environment and for your pocket. But like all new technology, it presents new
challenges to overcome to get the best out of it. Share your experiences and let’s learn together
about cultivation with LEDs.

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